Who are we?


Since 1996 we have been producing high-quality instrument panels for a wide range of experimental aircraft.   The most recent panels we’ve built include, Lancair IV and IV-P panels, RV-7 and 8 panels, Four Winds Panels and Glasair III panels.  We’ve also done many Glastar, Wheeler Express, Harmon Rocket, and a few Stallion panels as well.

We’re located in bright and sunny New Smyrna Beach, Florida (KEVB), about 12 miles south of  Daytona Beach (KDAB), where we have four hangars totaling 60,000 square feet.

Our primary operation is to build plug and play instrument panels for any experimental aircraft.  However, if you simply need equipment or assistance in building your panel, we will always be more than happy to help you out.

All of our panels are specifically made for each customer.  We consider many details in the layout of the panel, and we will modify it to suit the customers taste.  We will go through as many revisions of the layout  as are needed to make you happy.  Our objective is to give you a panel that will make you happy and impress everyone who sees it.

E-Tech also offers wiring harnesses for a variety of aircraft.   If we don’t have a harness designed for your airplane, we’ll go ahead and design one just for you! Not only that, we have also joint hands with Fueled, the company who specializes in apple watch app development and more.

Even if you decide not to get a panel from us, give us a call anyway.  We’d be happy to talk to you and help you make an educated decision on laying out and purchasing your equipment.  We know you’ll enjoy doing business with us!   Happy Flying!!!

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